John Newton


Family businesses have their own special dynamic.

What role do you play?

Name: John Newton

Besides being Mike’s big brother, and the oldest team member?

  • I like to oversee all aspects of the whole business.
  • I do like to delegate- and to challenge people by giving them tasks that are a stretch- to see what they can handle.
  • I also like to work on the computer and
    plan site maps. Each piece is like a jigsaw puzzle- and each event and
    each location is different. It’s increasingly challenging to change up
    and adapt site plans.
  • I enjoy the last minute rush to get things done- along with getting my hands dirty.
  • You know the postman’s creed? “Neither
    snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the
    swift completion of their appointed rounds”- Well, there are days we
    are better than the postman because we set up shows sometimes on days
    even the mail doesn’t get delivered¦
  • I also work directly with our non-profit partners- plus state and local agencies- handling the logistics of each event.

You were in Vietnam. What one lesson learned in the military has been the most valuable?

Well, I actually was shipboard since I was in the Navy, and just stepped foot on Vietnam twice.

  • I definitely have a unique skillset since I was in the military.
  • Everything I learned in the military I still use every day: From
    respect and discipline down to all of the hands-on work since I was a
    deckhand to start- on a supply ship- dealing with provisions.
  • I learned how to be extremely
    responsible and calm since one of my early jobs was controlling a winch
    that we connected to other ships while we were underway in heavy seas as
    the ships pitching & listing- sending provisions over that they
  • It was the best experience of my life
    and I was able to travel the world. It definitely made me enjoy this
    business- rather than a more traditional office job.

What trade or local organizations have you been a part of?

  • Past President, National Showman’s Association
  • Member, Outdoor Amusements Business Association
  • Member, Showman’s League of America
  • Member, Chambers of Commerce
    • Huntington
    • Northport
    • East Northport
  • Member, American Legion
  • Member, Knights of Columbus

Do you have a favorite story to share about growing up with an entrepreneurial father who started Newton Shows?

When I was young- maybe fifteen years old- we offered photos-on-the-button that we used polaroid film for- and when we worked the Feast of San Gennaro “ the line would get so long and hectic that sometimes people would walk away with the wrong buttons since the images weren’t developed yet- men might get women- or they might be different ethnicities¦It was very humorous at times!

Mike Newton


What role do you play?

Name: Mike Newton

Besides being John’s younger brother, and the middle child of seven?

I oversee the look and feel of the show, merchandising, our games of skill, food operations, marketing, and booking the events. Working directly with our non-profit partners to assist them with reaching their fundraising goals. Relationships are paramount to me.

What was your first job at Newton Shows?

My dad used to drop me off at elementary school fairs on a Saturday and I’d operate the cotton candy machine. I was fourteen and it was like I had my own business. At the end of the day we would settle up in the school office. I remember back when our station wagon was not just a family vehicle- our cotton candy stand would slide in from the rear and fit perfectly! We had quite a bit of responsibility back then at a young age.

When did you know you wanted to join the family business permanently?

I knew in my early twenties that we were a great team. My father had the personality for great relationships and I was given the latitude to develop and grow the business with John.

What is your favorite part of the business?

I like to see the overall quality presentation we are able to put together for our sponsors and communities we visit.

And, I get tons of enjoyment seeing the children who are finally tall enough for the big kid rides get to try the rides for the first time and also see their excitement winning the games, toys and prizes. I’m fascinated how the trends in social mood shape what’s hot in the toy market.

Which shows have you been involved with for the longest?

We have Partners in Fun from the 1960’s my father first signed up including the St. Gregory the Great Festival in Bellrose, St. Rose of Lima in Massapequa, The Feast of Mother Cabrini in Brentwood and more..

What trade or local organizations have you been a part of?

  • Past President, Northport Historical Society
  • Past Director, East Northport Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, Outdoor Amusements Business Association
  • Member, National Showman’s Association
  • Member, Knights of Columbus
  • Member, Chambers of Commerce
    • Huntington
    • Northport
    • East Northport


Working for my father, learning the business through success and failure.

State University of New York at Plattsburgh

Adelphi University – The Institute of Financial Planning

John Newton, Jr.

Chief Operations Officer

What role do you play?

Name: John Jr.

You are in an interesting position- the third generation to operate Newton Shows. You work with your dad and uncle on a daily basis- all while raising a growing family with your wife Jackie.

Technically, my title is Chief Operations Officer and I’m responsible for the daily operations of each event- and am ultimately responsible for our safety and maintenance programs- but in reality I need to be aware of everything.

The third generation of Newton management is well-educated. Did you feel this was necessary since you most likely were going to join the family business?

I honestly wasn’t 100% sure I’d be joining the company on a full-time basis so I made sure to get my degree to fall back on. I even interviewed at some firms after I graduated but I didn’t think those jobs seemed as rewarding working for the family business.

  • SUNY Plattsburg
    • Bachelors, Business Management
    • Minor, Marketing
    • Minor, Accounting

What aspects of the family business do you like best?

It really is just that- the concept of family. I like the rich history of the company being built by my grandfather. There is something to knowing where it started- where it is currently- and where I see it able to go in the future. I really can’t see myself ever doing something else.

Carole McGinley

Office Manager

Carole started with Newton Shows in 1988. Carole provides full time support to our clients, vendors, and show staffing, and manages our account receivable and payables. Carol is also a direct liaison to John and Mike Newton. Her expertise in office management makes her a very important part of the Newton Shows Team

Brian K Hodder

Head of Equipment, Maintenance & Inspection

Since 1987, Brian has kept the games and rides operating safely and efficiently for Newton Shows, handling or personally supervising the inspection and repair of all equipment. Brian met his wife Kelly, Newton Shows personnel manager, on the job, and the couple’s three sons all work for Newton during the summer.

Shedley Osse

Head Electronic Technician

An expert in electronics, Shedley has been the chief technician with Newton Shows since 1999, providing schematic, diagnosis and repair services as needed. Shedley takes his mission seriously: to keep down time to an absolute minimum.

Headley Williams

Concession Maintenance Manager

Headley started with Newton Shows in 2004. His general experience in the construction industry and his training and continuing education in our local BOCES program makes him a very important part of the Newton Shows Team.